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Single-Use Plastic Ban And Its Impact On Packaging Industry

By Gaurav Jalan, Founder-Director, Packman Printing and Packaging The Indian government's plan to ban single-use plastic if enforced will affect nearly 10,000 plastic manufacturing units. The proposed ban will also have an imminent threat on the future of the 3-4 lakh employees working in this industry. It is estimated that there are about 50,000 plastic manufacturing units in India and about 90% of these are MSMEs. This ban on single-use plastic will affect a large number of industries including FMCG, auto, infrastructure, and many more. Nearly 43% of the plastic usage is for packaging, and mostly single-use. India's FMCG sector, which is highly dependent on plastics, is expected to suffer the most. The industry is already dealing with a consumption slowdown, and this alternate packaging may force up costs even more.  Almost all the top FMCG companies will be affected due to this. Though there is still, no clarity on which things fall under the bracket of single-use plastics, es…

Okaya Power Group launches exciting new range of Okaya Lithium E-Rickshaw Battery

Inaugural Offer: Get Lithium Battery Charger worth Rs 10,500 free till stocks last

Continuing with its mission to drive innovation, Okaya Power Pvt Ltd, the flagship company of Okaya Power Group, has unveiled an exciting new range of “Okaya Lithium E-Rickshaw Battery”. Designed and developed after extensive research into preferences and demand of its customers in this exclusive segment, “Okaya Lithium E-Rickshaw Battery” range is equipped with cutting edge latest technology and easy to install features.  Simultaneously Okaya has launched an irresistible offer for its customers. Okaya is offering Lithium Battery Charger worth Rs 10,500/- free with each Okaya Lithium E-Rickshaw Battery unit as part of its limited period introductory offer.  

Strong beyond belief, powerful beyond measure, the range of “Okaya Lithium E-Rickshaw Battery” is designed keeping in mind all the necessary features related to users and their requirements in India. Aimed at providing extraordinary performance with…

USHA SHRIRAM expands footprints in Solar Power with Eurolex Smart On-Grid Inverters